Expert Raccoon Removal

Keep the Raccoons Out With Our Help

Raccoons can be a noisy, messy inconvenience. Fortunately, Nuisance Animal Removal has the knowledge, equipment, and experience it takes to provide you with complete trapping and removal services. We'll quickly and humanely solve all of your raccoon problems promptly and effectively. Contact us today for 24/7 assistance.

Professional Raccoon Trapping and Removal

Trapping raccoons is an effective and efficient method for getting them away from your property. However, raccoons are very smart and strong and can break free of typical animal traps. Our high-quality reinforced traps make it nearly impossible for raccoons to break free.

It's essential that a raccoon doesn't break free because that experience makes them "trap educated." It will be much more difficult to trap them in the future. Our durable traps are one of the keys to our success throughout our years in business.

Once we've found a raccoon, our experienced wildlife control experts are equipped to quickly and safely remove the raccoon from your home or property. You should not attempt to handle a raccoon without the correct safety and wildlife control equipment. Raccoons can be very aggressive and lash out at you when threatened.

What to Look for if You Suspect a Raccoon Problem

  • Loud scratching and thumping noises in your attic
  • Scratching, growling, or chattering in your fireplace
  • Chattering or chirping from juvenile raccoons
  • Ransacked garbage cans
  • Debris from your house on the ground

Repairs, Restorations, and Deodorization

Raccoons are destructive by nature. When given the opportunity, they'll stop at nothing to get inside homes through vents, damaged areas, and weak shingles. They'll urinate and leave droppings throughout your attic and insulation. This leaves a permanent, strong, musty raccoon odor.

Raccoon droppings can carry many diseases that can be passed to humans when we breathe in airborne mold particles. Let our professionals handle all of your raccoon damage repair, restoration, and deodorization needs to return your home to a safe, comfortable, and raccoon-free environment.
  • Attic restoration services
  • Vent replacement and damage repairs
  • Insulation removal and replacement
  • Disinfection and deodorization services
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