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Removal, Trapping, and Exclusion

Nuisance Animal Removal is your source for safe, effective squirrel removal services in the Eastern MA area. With multiple squirrel removal methods available to us, we can effectively evaluate your individual situation and provide a tailored solution with the most efficient results possible.

Typically, we can provide you with same-day services, complete the job, and have your home squirrel free within a few days! Contact us today for additional details or to schedule your next appointment.

Comprehensive Squirrel Control Solutions

Squirrel Removal
You can depend on Nuisance Animal Removal for 24/7 squirrel removal services designed to locate, capture, and remove squirrels that have made their way into your living space. From a squirrel trapped in your fireplace to one that's running throughout the house, we can take care of it quickly and effectively.

Squirrel Trapping
Trapping is an effective method for removing squirrels from homes and attics. Our techniques are efficient and cost-effective. While trapping is a great way to control smaller squirrel problems, we recommend that it be used in combination with our exclusion methods to prevent new squirrels from causing you similar problems in the future.

Squirrel Exclusion
Squirrel exclusion is the most effective and quickest method of ridding your home of squirrels. Exclusion involves the installation of a 1-way door at the squirrels' point of entry and exit so that they can get out safely and no longer enter.

Squirrel exclusions are the most effective method because:
  1. All of the squirrels can exit without you worrying about them being trapped inside your home. Trapped squirrels will cause even more damage as they attempt to escape. Trapped squirrels will also eventually die, causing health risks and disgusting odors.
  2. Once our 1-way doors are installed, we carefully inspect the rest of your home and the roof. We will secure any area that a squirrel might use to reenter.
  3. Exclusion methods rely on the squirrels' survival needs. Just about every day, they'll need to exit through our one-way door to gather food and water.
These 3 factors ensure a 100% success rate with every exclusion service. All squirrel exclusions are backed by a written warranty that you'll receive once we complete our thorough inspection.
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