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Professional Wildlife Damage
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Take Back the Control of Your Property

Nuisance Animal Removal strives to provide you with a full range of animal trapping and control services. Our efforts don't simply stop once we evict your problem animals. We also offer full-service cleanups, waste removal, and repairs for any damage that was caused by nuisance wildlife.

We have the equipment and resources necessary to fully restore your attic, crawlspace, or exterior areas of your home. We will get your home back to its original state. Our services include:
  • Attic insulation replacement
  • Chimney and vent cap installation
  • Animal waste cleaning, disinfection, and deodorization
  • Tree trimming and brush clearing
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Eco-Friendly Disinfection and Deodorization

When nuisance animals make their way into your home and attic, they can cause a lot of noticeable and potentially dangerous damage to insulation, ductwork, electrical wiring, and wood. However, it's the microscopic damage they leave behind in their droppings, urine, and other forms of waste that we're especially worried about.

Most problem animals can pass diseases to humans through airborne particles from their droppings. When left untreated or when cleaning them without the proper equipment, some of these diseases can cause serious harm and can potentially be fatal to humans.

We're equipped with special HAZMAT gear, breathing devices, and other equipment that protects us from these diseases and unsanitary conditions while cleaning out the damaged areas. Nuisance Animal Removal disinfects the entire affected area, installs new insulation, makes all necessary repairs, and deodorizes the air.

All of our disinfectants and cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and pose no health risks to you and your family.

Chimney Cap and Vent Cap Installation

Whether you've already dealt with problem animals or you're simply looking to avoid problems in the future, a chimney cap is a great investment for your home. Nuisance Animal Removal's chimney caps come with our own written warranty and a lifetime manufacturer's warranty. Additionally, chimney caps keep out rain and moisture!

We offer a full catalog of chimney cap styles for you to choose from.

Nuisance Animal Removal offers vent capping and screening to prevent smaller animals and birds from nesting and making their homes inside your duct systems. We have multiple styles of vent caps to choose from. For a more discrete approach, we can design and manufacture a custom vent cap that perfectly matches your home.

All vent cap installations include a written warranty.

Tree Trimming and Brush Clearing

Tree trimming and brush clearing are effective ways of keeping unwanted critters off your roof and out of your attic. We literally "cut off" the route they use to climb onto your home. Tree trimming is an optional, helpful service that can be added to our raccoon and squirrel removal services.

By removing branches that are overhanging your home's roofline, it's much more difficult and sometimes impossible for nuisance animals to make their way into your home.
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